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25 Questions To Ask At The End of Your Interview

Whether you are looking for your next job or internship, you will most likely go through an interview process. During this interview, you will want to stick out, but how will you do so?

With recruiting season in progress, you will start going to more interviews to find the perfect internship or job for you! In most interviews, towards the end, the interviewer will ask one of the most important questions during the whole interview: "Do you have any questions for me?"

And, when that question is asked, you better have one to three questions prepared! According to CNBC, two-thirds of hiring managers said they think that it is extremely important that job applicants ask their own questions in an interview. To help, I have made a list of questions to ask at the end of your interview to stand out.

Interviews: The Best Questions to Ask

1. "How would you describe the brand at the company?"

As a marketing job-seeker, this is one of my favorite questions to ask because I get to understand how the employee may view the brand of the company. Also, it is important to understand the brand of the company you want to work at. A company with great branding typically has an easier time making its employees feel involved with something that is more than just a job.

2. "What values does the company appreciate in its employees?"

There are so many different personalities in the corporate world, but people get hired because they fit the company's values. When you ask a question like this, you can understand how you may be appreciated once hired AND how you can relate to others in that company.

3. "In what ways are you modernizing the [whatever you are interested in, ex: marketing strategy] of the company?"

This is another one of my favorites to ask. It shows that you are interested in learning about the team's current projects. Additionally, you can discuss some industry trends during this Q&A to show that you did your homework.

4. "What positive changes have you seen in your [whatever you are interested in, ex: social media analytics]?"

To make this question make sense, refer back to the bullet points of the job posting. This is a good way to see what impact this team makes on that bullet point and how you can continue the positive change. For example, if one of the bullet points says that you will help with social media content, it would be interesting to know what they currently have implemented that has increased their engagement.

5. "I would love to know how you see the company's [whatever you are interested in, ex: Tik Tok strategy] evolving over the next 5 years."

In my experience, this question typically stumps interviewers, but who says stumping someone is a bad thing? It allows the interviewer to think and reflect which makes your interview more memorable!

6. "How would the person in this role aid in fulfilling that 5 year goal?"

This is a great follow-up question for number 5— it shows that you are thinking ahead about your contributions to the company!

7. "What are some of the company's values that you would say align with you?"

If the interviewer aligns with the values of the company, they most likely enjoy the job they are doing! This is a great way to see how the company culture is. Also, it is a great way to expand the conversation with the interviewer and express how the company's values align with yours.

8. "What are some other ways that the company celebrates [initiative of interest, ex: diversity and inclusivity] that may not be mentioned on your website?"

As someone who has an interest in diversity and inclusivity, I always make sure I ask some type of variation of this question. This is a great way to see if the company is truly driving those initiatives stated on their website with actionable items to generate change!

9. "What is one of the most interesting projects that you have worked on at your company?"

People love to talk about themselves, so this is a great way to learn about the interviewer's contributions to the company. Also, this may give you insight on some of the projects you may get to work on once hired!

10. "Where do you see the [your industry] space going in the next 10 years?"

This is another thought provoking question to ask! Typically, when I ask this question, I end up having an interesting conversation with the interviewer. Also, you are expanding your knowledge— it is like a win-win!

11. "How is your company preparing for that industry change?"

Again, who doesn't love a good follow-up question?

12. "What are you looking for in a candidate?"

This question is great to ask to get a feel of the position from the recruiters standpoint! Of course, only ask this question if the "what we are looking for" is not stated in the job description.

13. "What does success look like in this role?"

Again, interviewers love to see that you are thinking ahead.

14. "How long have you worked here and what has made you stay at the company?"

Have I mentioned that people love to talk about themselves? This question allows the interviewer to express their gratitude for the company. Also, you can get an idea about their journey in the company to see if you would also be interested in growing with the company.

15. "What are some of the projects that I will be able to work on as a [the role you are interviewing for]?

Showing initiative goes a long way! When you show that you are thinking about already having this position, you will stand out!

16. "What are a few attributes of past employees that have made them successful in this specific role?"

I love this question. To continue the conversation, you can demonstrate how you hold those attributes by using the STAR format.

17. "Does your company have opportunities for advancement or professional development?"

For me, it is always important to know that a company cares about the advancement of its employees. Whether it has Business Resource Groups or mentorship programs, I love to know how I can continue to grow at a company if I am hired.

18. "What is one word that you would use to describe the culture here?"

This is a good question to ask if you are wanting to get an insider look at the company culture.

19. "How is success measured at this company?"

Again, you are thinking ahead with this question!

20. "How do you and senior leadership respond to mistakes that are made?"

Mistakes happen. Especially as an intern, I am always so terrified when I make errors. You always hear the joke "blame it on the intern", but in reality, it is important that a company is transparent from the start about how they problem solve these situations!

21. "Is there anything on my resume or anything we have discussed that makes you hesitant about my capabilities to excel in this role?"

Personally, I have never asked this question to an interviewer. However, I do think that when this is asked, you are opening up to receive constructive feedback. The interviewer is able to reflect on the interview. Then, if there are any concerns, you are able to consult them, and I think that is a wonderful to stand up for yourself.

22. "I saw that [industry trend, ex: Hulu took away political ads], how is the team responding to this or how does this affect the team?"

This question shows that you are caught up with industry trends and are truly interested in the industry. Some of my favorite ways to stay in the loop include listening The Best One Yet, reading the Morning Brew, and turning on my Google alerts for certain keywords.

23. "What are some of the current challenges the team is facing right now? And how has the team collaborated to address it?"

Talk about flipping the interview! This interview question allows you to understand how the team works with challenges and how they overcome them together.

24. "Do you have any book or podcast recommendations that would help me be successful in this role?"

Passionate about growing your knowledge? Don't be shy to ask the interviewer (if they are in your field of interest) some of their favorites! If you do end up asking this question, be ready to follow up with the interviewer about your thoughts!

25. "Can you share the next steps in the interview process and when I might hear back?"

No matter how many questions I ask during the interview, I always forget to ask this one. Save yourself the anxiety— do not forget to ask this so you can get a good idea about the timeline!

Key Takeaways

While interviews can be nerve-wracking, it is always best to be prepared. Personally, I always like to have these questions on my screen if it is a virtual interview or carry them in my padfolio if it is an in-person interview. Regardless, when you ask good questions, you become a memorable candidate, so do not be afraid to speak up! After your interview, send a heartfelt "Thank You" email and recap about some of the things you and your interviewer chatted about. Do not be afraid to go the extra mile!

Happy interviewing!


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