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Master Resume

Professional Experience 

Marketing Intern
L'Oréal, Lancôme, New York, NY
June 2023 - August 2023

- Developed and presented a trend-focused and competitive Summer 2025 purchase with purchase (PWP) for Lancôme by incorporating insights from competitive landscape research, trend forecasting, field feedback, and consumer trends to result in a 56% increase in value and a 0.24% decrease in cost of goods for the PWP

- Collaborated with Lancôme marketing teams, global teams, and cross-functional teams to understand business goals by building relationships and participating in weekly meetings with individuals in senior management

- Assisted Assistant Manager of Retail Marketing to optimize 36+ product description copies by creating workflows in a product experience management platform, Salsify, to ensure timely routing to correct retailers

- Conducted a comprehensive analysis of 50+ competitor beauty sets to benchmark Lancôme's position against the competition by presenting the findings in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with suggested retail prices, images, product prices, and value breakdowns

- Revamped Lancôme’s trial size and semi-finished product library by creating a consolidated Microsoft PowerPoint to catalog 20+ products for set creation, upcoming year's orders, and cost of goods to enhance team efficiency in creating sets

- Transformed and maintained Lancôme’s products ordered (Logibooks) tracking system to catalog 60+ products by creating a consolidated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with details on product availability dates and value added to sets to streamline set creation efforts.

- Researched and assessed the value of 50+ competitive gift sets for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to provide valuable insights to the Lancôme Retail Marketing team by capturing findings in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Marketing & Operations Intern
Circle K, Tempe, AZ
August 2022 - March 2023
November 2021 - May 2022

-Collaborated with senior management including the marketing supervisor to raise awareness by using direct marketing techniques to form relationships with 100+ community members to promote Circle K products and help improve brand image

-Assisted in providing support for social media and influencer marketing efforts by strategically aiding the marketing supervisor to conduct 2+ content & influencer photoshoots to produce content for social media

-Conducted and organized a marketing-focused research project to identify and develop new recruitment strategies by creating 3+ blog posts and 7+ videos for a social media campaign called “Growing with Circle K”

Marketing Intern
Pyxl, Remote
May 2022 - August 202

-Analyzed SEMrush data weekly and corrected over 100+ errors, warnings, and notices to improve client’s site health by +3%

-Updated over 500+ page titles and meta descriptions while utilizing SEMRush to conduct keyword research to optimize search engines on Shopify and WordPress

-Utilized copywriting skills to write and optimize 3+ blogs and 10+ emails with creative messaging for agency clients and build 3+ emails while using HubSpot’s Marketing Hub

adworks, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
September 2020 - May 2021

-Worked with 2 project teams and 2 different advertising agencies to gain creativity and communication skills and knowledge of media trends to create copy for different campaigns for clients

-Create written versions of mission, visions, and values in order to create cohesive brand messaging in line with client expectations brand messaging in collaboration with advertising agencies and clients

-Assisted the creative team by producing over 10 lines of copy that resonates with the art

Leadership Experience

Executive Vice President of Professional Development
Women's Business Leaders Association, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
May 2022 - Present

-Marketed Women’s Business Leaders Association to over 15+ companies each semester in a professional and personable manner to form 6 partnerships, secure 4 sponsorships, and execute 13+ events that align with the goals and priorities of the organization

-Implemented a new sponsorship package to increase opportunities and funds by $2,000+ for the organization and its members

WPC 101 Facilitator
W.P. Carey School of Business, Tempe, AZ
August 2021 - Present

-Engaged a class of 19 first-year business students by using personal experiences and knowledge to deliver business course content covering topics such as campus resources, time management, and professional communication

-Utilized conflict management skills to navigate situations regarding group work disparagements or other conflicts often encountered in a classroom setting

-Enhanced the student experience by demonstrating a distinct leadership style within the classroom that focuses on creating a positive impact through lasting relationships with each student

Vice President of Marketing
Women's Business Leaders Association, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
May 2021 - May 2022

-Created 6 designs utilizing Adobe Illustrator and implemented a WBLA merchandise store that sold 39+ units of product to raise $134 for the organization

-Delegated tasks to a team including Directors of Media and Merchandising by marketing all professional, social, and philanthropy events to increase membership by 45% and accounts reached on Instagram by +284%

Vice President of Administration 
American Marketing Association, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
December 2020 - December 2021

-Utilized email marketing skills through Mailchimp to send a weekly and biweekly newsletter to over 1,000 members

-Implemented a new biweekly newsletter that allows over 1,000 members to explore professional opportunities and learn about marketing trends to better their professional career

-Increased communication between the organization and its members by implementing the use of a new text messaging platform called Remind

Other Involvement & Interests


Delta Sigma Pi - Gamma Omega 

Initiated in Spring 2021. 

Member of Marketing Committee, Professional Activities Committee, and Scholarship & Awards Committee. 

delta sigma pi girls


Traveling & Learning about Cultures

My favorite place to travel is my father's home country: Jamaica. 



Cisco Emerging Talent Mentoring Program 

Summer 2022 Mentee. 

Mentored to develop and strengthen professional skills. Networked with several Cisco Marketing employees.




I adore watching others around me flourish. I am able to act as a mentor in my leadership positions on-campus— especially as a WPC 101 Facilitator.

wpc 101 facilitators 2022.png
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